Hello there! I’m back (in black) with a brand new fancy website. Long overdue but I have been busy with a lot of photography. I have gone full-time with my business and have started to build an incredible client base. I thought now was a good time to catch up and focus on the internet side of my biz.

So far in 2017 I’ve had the chance to work for The Cleveland Clinic, Lil Buff Protein, Jaworski Meats and a bunch of other rad people. Check out Client Work to see some of the highlights. It’s been a blast and I’ve learned a lot. It’s cool to align with like minded business owners.

In addition to building this new site and working like a madman on projects, I’ve also watched a ton of movies. For those that don’t know me well movies are my favorite hobby. I’m watching one right now (The Breakfast Club). Another movie I can’t recommend enough is “The Founder Micheal Keaton’s acting never ceases to blow me away. For young entrepreneur types like me, it was pretty informative. It also had a hint of one of my all time favorite movies “There Will Be Blood

Back to photography. Man, do lenses make the difference. So with commercial work renting gear has been the best option for me these days as the lenses I want to use cost more than some people’s houses. The Canon EF 11-24 has produced some fantastic results for me as well as the 16-35 USM III. I usually rent from LensRentals.com if you wanna check em out.

In conclusion I’d like to thank you for stopping by. I’m still deciding how I want to utilize this fancy photography website to the max. Maybe you can leave a message below or contact me with ideas or suggestions.