Hello. My name is Mark Hunter, and I’m a commercial photographer from Brunswick Ohio. I take photographs for all sorts of businesses and people looking to enhance their brand. The spectrum of styles I cover is vast.

What is commercial photography? Pictures sold and used for advertising, websites, billboards and other promotional tools. Any photography in which the result is intended to facilitate a business venture. Commercial photography includes, but is not limited to, sales brochures, advertisements, business cards, menus and product placements.

Photography is all about making statements without saying a word. Images spark emotion and I live for that sort of thing. Capturing and preserving memories is fascinating.

Many people around the world know me for my work in music, but one of the things I used to do while in that industry was help organize the visual elements. This job included finding and hiring photographers and directors to help us create and showcase our image.

My main inspiration stems from the world of cinema. Those that know me well know that I am a major film geek. I’ve been studying the imagery since as far back as I can remember.

This path toward photography started in 2012 when I assisted on a documentary. I was a third cameraman just having some fun and started snapping pics during the downtime. After seeing my work, I was highly encouraged by my friends who were professionals to continue the craft.

Since then through trial and error mixed with determination and perseverance, I have forged a new path in photography and used my skill set from entertainment to help local business find their inner rock star.

Whether it’s taking photos, shooting video or helping design a website I’m staying as busy as possible and doing my best to give back to the community.

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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